Isotope Osmium-187 (187Оs) may not be found in nature in pure state because it usually immediately reacts to the environment under normal conditions.

In the industry isotope Osmium-187 (187Оs) may be produced in the form of several bonds that then are used for getting chemical agents used in different technologies.

We have developed a unique, progressive technology of producing Osmium-187 (187Оs) in the form of Potassium Osmate (VI) K2[OsO2(OH)4]. At the moment we are the only organization in the World that has this kind of technology, therefore nobody but Progressive 88 may offer this unique product. We offer you a chemical compound, containing Osmium-187 (187Оs), that is stable, when dry, in air and dissolve only when stored in moist atmosphere.

Another very important characteristic of isotope Osmium-187 (187Оs) that is offered on the market is its chemical purity.

For example, Oak Ridge Laboratories (USA), who is the leading supplier of isotope Osmium-187 (187Оs), produce product with isotopic purity of 70.43%.

The specialists of JSC “Progress” 88 first in the World were able to produce a product containing no less than 99.4% of stable isotope Osmium-187 (187Оs), which is confirmed by the Certificate of Quality and Certificates of Analysis of the Product by IGAS Research Laboratory (Germany).

We also would like to note that there are only three countries in the World that produce Osmium-187 (187Оs): USA, Russia and Kazakhstan , for only these countries have necessary raw materials and technologies. Osmium is not the main component extracted from raw materials. Usually it is extracted from already processed raw materials of different produces.