The main subject of the whole “Progress-88″ operation period is the preparation of the stable radiogenic metal osmium isotope – Osmium-187 (187Оs) received under unique technological scheme. Essentially the manufacture potentially capable to produce about 3 kg of Osmium-187 (187Оs) per year is located in St.Petersburg. By now the staff of the company has reached good results and has obtained invaluable experience. Actually, close cooperation with St.Petersburg State Technological Institute and JSC “Regional Analytical Center Mekhanobr Engineering Analyte” helped to become really successful in this activity.

As the company considers, the main achievement of it is the fact that it was possible to involve to the process the very leading Russian specialists in rare and rare-earth elements science, such as Yury Vladimirovich Andreev, Ludmila Alexandrovna Ushinskaya, Igor Alexandrovich Grachyov, Victor Kuzmich Krylov, Alexander Andeevich Blokhin, Yury Vasiljevich Murashkin, Tatiana Naumovna Greiver.

At the moment we are striving to expand production works scope. In the nearest future we plan to start rhenium (Re) and selenium (Se) production. The unique technologies, applied for this production, are already made and thoroughly tested. Nevertheless, the works aiming to improve the existing technologies are constantly holding not only fromnature by such productions. It is possible to achieve this by means of the further “Progress-88″ has got all the necessary licenses for the execution of operations with precious metals. The documents include the Certificate of the special registration SZGIPN No.0140001137 from the 29th December 2004 and the letter from the State Guard of Russia of the Finance Ministry of the Russian Federation No.3210.104.186\803 from the 15th March 2002 allowing stable osmium isotope Osmium-187 (187Оs), produced by the company, realization in domestic and foreign markets.

Beside the constant research work on creation and improvement of the latest technologies, the company uses part of its resources for searching of the new solutions of the practical use of the product. Thus the marking technology for money, securities, documents and registration forms of strict accounts and others objects, where this rare stable isotope Osmium-187 (187Оs) technology is applicable, was worked out. Osmium-187 (187Оs) used in this technology provides the “ideal” mark, falsification of which is impracticable. This is the exclusive technology in the world which provides so high protective degree.